Looking for some spring break ideas that will bring your family together and won’t break your budget? You don’t have to take a trip to make the spring break fun for your kids. With some advance planning and creativity, you can make the Easter holidays as much fun as a week at the beach.

If you’re staying home during, think of the outings and activities you can’t fit into your school-day schedule and get them done. Visit the places you can’t get to on weekends and do projects your regular schedule won’t allow.

Something Fun Every Day

Make every day a different theme, using the things that your children are interested in. Designate one day a “Backwards Day” or “Opposite Day” and do everything backwards. (Eat dinner food for breakfast, have pancakes for dinner, wear your clothes backwards and inside out, say goodbye when you greet someone, and say hello when you leave.)

camp out in the garden on Wild West Day, do some stargazing on Outer Space Day, and go for a fossil hunt on Dinosaur Day. Have a Birthday Day, when it’s a special day for everybody; organise a gift exchange and have cake for everyone.

Plant a Garden With Your Children

Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about your garden. Let your children choose a small piece of ground in the back yard and dig it out into their very own garden. Let them put in a border with bricks or rocks and plant what the season allows.

Start some seeds in potting soil in Styrofoam cups indoors so they can plant them outside when the weather gets warmer.

Children’s gardening and planting projects are great lessons in science and math.

Spring Day Trips

What’s within driving distance to where you live? Get out a map and let the whole family look at what’s nearby.  Schedule some trips to museums, factory tours, stately homes and other local offerings.


Call your church, local food banks, check local Facebook groups or town hall to find out what volunteer opportunities are available. Sign up to do a week’s worth of laundry at a homeless shelter, serve dinners at a soup kitchen, or help out in a food bank.

Get Ready for Easter

Prepare the biggest and best Easter celebration ever. Make natural dyes for colouring Easter eggs, do lots of Easter crafts, and make your own Easter baskets.

What are your plans for over Easter?x


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  1. Lots of creative ideas for the Easter hols. We haven’t decided whether we will go away or not for some of it yet as our house renovations have only just finished… :/ Hoping the weather stays good if we decide on a staycation…

  2. Spring day trips would be my plans. We have so many beautiful places around Nottingham. I would love to take mia to Sherwood Forest as it’s lovely to explore

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