Whether you celebrate Valentines Day or just fancy a romantic day together without breaking the budget, here are a few ideas…


Date ideas on a budget bright plate of food with silver cutlery


Recreate you first dinner out together. Go to the grocery store and get the items you need to make the dishes at home. It will give you time to reminisce whilst you cook together and can even get the children involved if they aren’t in bed.

Spend the day together in your pyjamas watching your favourite movies. This takes the stress out of getting ready to go out somewhere.

Check online for Valentine’s Day packages at hotels, spas, restaurants and even shopping centres. Many places will offer valentines day packages. The plans are all set for a romantic night you just have to show up. Groupon and Living Social are definitely worth checking for a bargain deal.

Pool you money together to get something expensive you both want. For example a new TV, or laptop. Rather then both stressing over shopping for gifts for each other. You can both feel a sense of strength being able to afford something together that you couldn’t afford separately.


Date ideas on a budget


If you do want to buy each other a gift, you don’t need to spend an absolute fortune as many brands own label items are just as good as the more expensive named items. Very is known for its big name brands and on trend fashion, however their own brand, V by Very , is high quality and stylish at a fraction of the big named prices. You can even choose to spread the coat over three months if that is more manageable.

Go house window shopping together. Even if you have no plan on buying a home right now, spending time together and going over your dream houses with each other builds closeness. You can make a day out if it. For newer couples this gives you a great chance to talk about the future, and for older couples it gives you a chance to reinforce your dreams with each other.

Do your first date all over again. From beginning to end recreate for your first date together. Very romantic and gives you the chance to reminisce. Some of those old sparks you felt that night will definitely revisit no matter how long you have been together.


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Each of you do something the other likes. Give and take is the most important part of a relationship. But more often then not we do things we like but our partner doesn’t by ourselves. Take Valentine’s Day to share these things with each other. For instance if you like yoga and your partner loves football plan a date going to a yoga class that afternoon and a football game that evening.

No matter what you plan to do. Enjoy each other and enjoy the day together. Forget about the everyday stresses like bills and work and focus on the present only.


Date ideas on a budget

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