On Saturday we were invited* to Blackpool flower and food show at the Winter Gardens. When we arrived we looked around the array of flower displays done in the most imaginative and stunning way possible.


Doing a spot of flower arranging at #festiveflowerandfoodshow x

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We took part in 2 children’s workshops which unfortunately were hard to track down, they weren’t mentioned in the programme and none of the staff working there knew anything about them. When we did find them they were very well done in a relaxed environment. We got there early for the first one and the lady gave Lucas a block of Oasis and greenery to keep him occupied until others arrived. In the first session we made a Christmas cracker and the second session we made a snowman.


Blackpool festive flower and food show review


For lunch we went to the Taste Zone which i would have liked to have seen more stalls and a bigger variety. To eat there, there was really only a pasty/pie stall and a samosa stall. My Grandma and Lucas has a pasty and sausage roll, both of which where unfortunately cold even though they had come out of the warmer. I had a pumpkin samosa that was very tasty but again cold so not as nice as it could have been. The Taste Zone was good if you wanted to pick up some treats such as scones and fudge or a bottle of gin but it wasn’t set up for people to eat there. If we were to come again to this show we would use the cafe upstairs, the food looked good when we were passing but they were queuing out of the door every time we passed so I don’t know how long it took to get a table.



The show is definitely meant for flower lovers and is more of a flower show than a food show so i wouldn’t recommend it if you are wanting the food area but the floral displays were absolutely stunning and there were some lovely stalls where you could buy gifts such as clothing, jewellery, food and accessories. We had a lovely day and it was nice doing something that occupied all three of us from Great Grandson to Great Grandma  x


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  1. I saw adverts for the show, but we were at the Ideal Home Christmas Show at the weekend in Event City. I would have loved to have visited as I do love flower shows. It is a shame that the programme didn’t cover the kids activities well,but I hope you fed it back to them to improve on next year.

  2. Such a shame that it wasn’t what you expected. I’m glad the children’s activities were good when you found them though x

  3. Ah such a shame the food was disapponting, it’s good that you’ve learned what to do if you were really go again! The flower stalls sound lovely especially where you can buy cute gifts x

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