The weather has been so lovely this week, I have been contemplating getting my summer clothes and Crocs back out! On Sunday, we ventured out to Bank Hall in Bretherton as it was open for their Snowdrop Sunday’s events.

Bank Hall is a Grade II listed Jacobean country mansion that has been vacant and steadily decaying since 1971. The Friends of Bank Hall (formerly Bank Hall Action Group) have worked tirelessly since 1995 to saved the Hall which had become derelict. With the help of Heritage Trust for the North West & Lottery funding, this has now been achieved with the restoration of the Hall being started in July 2017. It has been granted £2.2 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of a £5.6 million restoration project to return it to its former glory.


Bank Hall Gardens, Bretherton. Lucas is bent down gently touching the snowdrops


Bank Hall gardens are open to the public two days per week and have some beautiful snowdrop varieties at this time of the year. The events are managed by volunteers and entry to the gardens on Sunday was £3 per adult and children free. The money paid goes straight back into supporting the restoration. On Sunday, there was also a refreshment stall and a couple of bric and brac stalls.

I went with my parents and Lucas. It was so lovely to walk around and admire the snowdrops. The gardens are such a peaceful place, we visited last April when they were covered in daffodils and I love how the gardens transform throughout the year.

I’m really looking forward to the Hall being restored, to see it all completed. The outer shell of the building is to be repaired to its former glory, the interior is going to be converted to twelve apartments. The entrance hall and the Prospect Tower will still be accessible to the public and will include an educational resource centre and space for public exhibitions x



Bank Hall garden Bretherton #lancashire



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  1. I love snowdrops. We spotted our first snowdrops this year on a walk in the woods a couple of weeks ago. Bank Hall sounds lovely and so wonderful that volunteers get together so everyone can enjoy so many varieties of the beautiful flower. Thanks for letting us know about this.

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