As we enter the home straight of the academic year, it is vital that all children are kept motivated to finish the year off strong. Preparation is key for them and we all have a responsibility to push them towards excellence. A healthy diet, positive reinforcement and our full support, to name a few. One of the ways we can do that, is giving them the best equipment.

Whether it is year 1 or year 5, children require the best equipment to excel in school. Getting children to use educational tools early is a great way to prepare them for the biggest exams to come as they move forward in their education.

As parents we should allow our children to get familiar with all tools to be successful in their academics. From using calculators in Maths exams, or highlighters to help summarise questions it is certainly worth providing your children.

I have a little giveaway to send out on behalf of Office stationery. We have a full stationery set and pencil case with all the items your children will need to give them the best chance to excel in education. It includes the following:

2 x HB Graphite Pencils

2 x Ballpoint Pens (1x Black, 1 x Blue)

1 x Pencil

1 x Lead Refill

1 x Self-Centring Compass

1 x 15cm/6” Rule

2 x Set Squares



Yellow Highlighter

Helix Timetable

Chilling with Lucas prize giveaway



Win a stationery bundle


7 Comments on Win a stationery bundle

  1. I remember how excited I’d be whenever I had to get new stationery for school. My parents used to spend a fortune as I was so excited by it all x

  2. Great giveaway, I have begun setting up “work folder” for my kids in case the schools do close and some new stationary would be perfect! Everyone loves new stationary!

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