Staying on top of everything that’s going on with family appointments, school events and work can be hard and although I have a calendar on my phone, I have always preferred to have a paper diary to look at and plan ahead. I find it far easier to see everything in front of me. Since we’ve moved to France and Dan is juggling his current work, renovating a house and setting up a new business of gite management, I know he’s needed something to help him stay organised so I got us both a planner from Toad Diaries.


2 diaries from Toad Diaries. One is white with dandelions on and smaller than the A4 one next to it which is black with deer on


You have the option of hardcover and wirebound, I chose wirebound. You can choose what format you have, I decided on day to view with appointment times in for us to set out our time properly. There are various options though include different week views, academic layouts, appointments and fitness. There is also the option of which month to start the diary on. There are an abundance of cover choices including molton lava, city scapes, flowers and animals. You can also personalise the front and back cover with a message.

D chose an A4 diary with deers on which is very apt, living in the Dordogne, we are deers on a regular basis. I chose an Exec diary which is between A4 and A5 size with a dandelion pattern on. I personalised the back and the front of them, putting our phone numbers on the back as we have new numbers and neither of us remember them so they are easy to access for us.

The quality of both diaries is incredible and the ease of the website is great, making the whole service from start to finish really good.


The inside of the diary. Showing a page of the diary with appointment view, a contacts page and a first page where you can add name etc

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Toad diaries


Toad Diaries have various options, week views, academic layouts, appointments and fitness. There is also the option of which month to start the diary on.


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  1. I love the Vincent Van Gogh quote “Great Things Are Done By A Series Of Small Things Brought Together”

  2. I am drawn to the lovely bright orange cover. I wouldn’t have any trouble finding it in the bottom of my bag!

  3. I love the owl ones they’re super cute I’m such a diary obsessed girl love them I am so old school

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