At the moment we are staying in a gorgeous gite a couple of miles outside of Villamblard in the Dordogne, France. We absolutely love it and I will write more when we are home but wanted to do a quick review of where we had lunch today. It was incredible and I love how the locals meet up for a proper lunch rather than we do in the UK, rushing a sandwich down whilst still in the office.

We went to Ange and Lo’s and at lunch time they do one menu so there isn’t a choice but my goodness, it was immense. What’s even better is that it was a 4 course meal with water, wine and coffee for €14! An absolute bargain. We are returning on Thursday evening for a music night x
Ange and Lo Villamblard review vegetable soup in a serving bowl with a basket of fresh croutons
Vegetable soup
Ange and Lo, Villamblard review. A circle of stacked melon and cucumber cubes with salmon ribbon on top
Melon and cucumber with salmon ribbon
Ange and Lo, Villamblard review potato wedges and chicken
Lemon and thyme chicken and potato wedges
Ange and Lo, Villamblard review
Vanilla pudding with a shortbread biscuit


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This is straight from google translate so I apologise if it isn’t correct…

En ce moment, nous logeons dans un magnifique gîte à quelques kilomètres de Villamblard, en Dordogne. Nous adorons et j’écrirai plus quand nous sommes à la maison mais je voulais faire un rapide examen de l’endroit où nous avons déjeuné aujourd’hui. C’était incroyable et j’aime que les locaux se retrouvent pour un bon déjeuner plutôt que nous le faisons au Royaume-Uni, en train de faire tomber un sandwich tout en restant dans le bureau.

Nous sommes allés à Ange et Lo et à l’heure du déjeuner ils font un menu, donc il n’y a pas le choix mais mon Dieu, c’était immense. Ce qui est encore mieux, c’est que c’était un repas de 4 plats avec de l’eau, du vin et du café pour 14 €! Une affaire absolue. Nous revenons jeudi soir pour une soirée musicale
Photos taken using the food setting on the Samsung S9 Plus

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  1. Goodness, I feel quite envious right now! That menu looks delicious and amazingly good value! I’m looking forward to reading about the music night and how you’re enjoying your stay in the Dordogne!

  2. The food looks lovely and definitely very cheap. I like this type of local restaurants where you can get the menu of the day and enjoy the homemade food of whatever the chef feels like cooking that day.

  3. The menu looks absolutely wonderful, I’m hungry just looking at it, especially after the chicken wrap I had on the go for my lunch.

  4. The food looks amazing, I could quite happily sit and eat that right now! I love the idea of having a set menu and just being given whatever the chef has cooked that day.

  5. That is even better value than the evening meal you wrote about in my opinion because the menu is much more interesting. Wow! An incredible find. Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutFrance

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