There aren’t many life events more stressful than moving into a new house and, according to this study, 71% of people have lost a night’s sleep during the process.

However, there are a few things that you can do to minimise the stress on yourself when moving, and here are just a few of them:

Book a Removal Company

Some people hire a van and move everything themselves, but I highly recommend booking a removal company as this will decrease some of the stress. You won’t need to worry about moving furniture or getting things onto the van as the removal guys will help with all of that.

A whopping half of the people surveyed in the aforementioned study had experienced some sort of mishap or disaster, with 90% of these having had items broken, including new beds, sofas and TVs.

Hiring a professional will ensure your belongings are wrapped properly and the van is loaded in the safest and most efficient of ways. They’ve done it plenty of times before, and if anything does get broken during transit then they’ll be liable.

Rent a Storage Facility

If you are moving afar and you have a lot of belongings that could not be transported in one go, it is advised to have them stored in a local storage centre so if you live near Brighton, google Brighton self storage. It will not only help ease the transition but can also be a way to protect your fragile valuables that are too risky to be transported if not given with full attention.

Get Organised with an Overnight Bag

You’re not going to want to scurry through a load of boxes to find your pyjamas, toothbrush and whatever else you’ll need, so pack an overnight bag with everything you’ll need on your first night. Imagine that you’re packing for a sleepover with a friend or a night away!

Tell Your Neighbours

Whether your neighbours are your friends, just acquaintances or your worst enemies, I recommend telling them about your moving plans. Not only is it a chance to say your final goodbyes, but it will give them a heads up if they see some unfamiliar faces around the neighbourhood.

Arrange for Mail to Be Forwarded

A tedious, yet important job is to update all of your documents with your new address. The likes of your driving licence, bank account and anyone that sends you letters every so often. While this is time-consuming, as you can’t update them all at once, redirecting your mail to the new address is a lot easier.

Contact your local post depot and request all of the post with your name on to be redirected to your new place. This will cost a small fee, but it will save you going to pick up your post every week.

Try and Destress

This one is easier said than done, as you will probably just think of everything that could possibly go wrong. Remind yourself that there is a solution to pretty much every mistake that might happen – emphasis on ‘might’ as they’re probably unlikely scenarios.

Find a house cleaner near you to do a clean of your house once everything has been packed away or for your new house to give it a deep clean before you move your things in.

Treat yourself to a bath, a takeaway and a pre-bed chamomile tea. This should help make you feel calmer.


Things to do Before Moving to A New House


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  1. An overnight bag is such a great idea as even if you’ve not unpacked you want all the essentials you’d need together x

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