With it becoming increasingly harder to get onto the property ladder in the UK, more and more people are renting long term. So, what should you look for in a landlord? I asked some blogger chums for their advice. When you’ve read my post, head on over to the HomeLet website if you want more info on renting and landlords insurance.



What to look for in a landlord when renting


One that tells you when they change contact details so you’re not stuck in an emergency unable to get hold of them for ages! Just Average Jen (I’ve got a feeling, she may have had an unreliable landlord at some point. Thankfully the majority are not like this!)

Taking a real interest in the property and its maintenance. Hello Beautiful Bear

Someone who is aware of their legal responsibilities such as gas safety checks The Incidental Parent

One that is respectful of the tenants privacy. Miracle Max

I have been a landlord and a tenant frequently so know from both sides. Striking a balance between communicating well and getting everything that needs to be done quickly and efficiently without being intrusive. Someones Mum

Has a fair and comprehensive contract which includes all current white goods and/or furniture in the property already – i.e., there isn’t a risk that you will have to buy your own if the items are old and faulty Arthurwears.

A landlord who lives locally would be important for me. When we were younger and rented a flat, our landlord lived over seas and we had a nightmare getting any repairs done or issues dealt with! Five Little Doves

Our landlord is brilliant – she gets that we’re responsible, respectful tenants and seems understanding that houses do undergo general wear and tear. She makes me feel more relaxed that our baby throws his food all over the carpet! And she’s easy going with pets. She seems really down to earth and I trust that she’s not going to screw us over! Little Pickle’s Mom


What is your advice for someone renting?x


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9 Comments on What to look for in a landlord when renting

  1. This is so interesting, we keep toying with the idea of buying to let so it’s good to read about other people’s experiences.

  2. I hated renting as it never felt like the home was mine. My advice would be to go through a proper agent rather than privately as they have to address any issues

  3. I’ve only ever rented through the council, and they were fantastic. But if I were ever to rent privately I’d hope to have a landlord who lived local so they could deal with any problems pretty quick. My mum and dads landlord lives at the other end of the country and it’s a freaking nightmare when they need him!

    Louise x

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