Lending the perfect visual appeal to your yard all year round and needing very little maintenance, artificial grass has become a top choice for home owners around the world. With the winter months approaching, you might need to get ready to get the grass all cleaned up.

So here’s all the help you need to nail cleaning artificial grass in the winter.

Cleaning Spills

From mustard drips to drink spills, there may be several accidental drops on your artificial grass, and while it may be stain resistant, you still need to get it cleaned. Thankfully, you don’t need any fancy cleaning agents and liquids- water pretty much does a great job every single time. If you must, you can also use a mild soap to cleanse the artificial grass even further.

Cleaning Pet Waste

Getting rid of the pet waste is possibly one of the trickiest parts of cleaning artificial grass. The solid waste may stay on the surface and may be relatively easy to clean, but the liquid waste may settle in the sub layers of the grass bed and stay there, until you clean it well. Naturally, the best way to tackle this is to first cleanse the top layers of any solid waste, and then hose down the area thoroughly, following it up with a turf deodoriser.

Dealing With the Snow

The best way to deal with buildup of snow on artificial grass is to allow it to melt by itself and then drain away. If there are several inches of snow that you’re dealing with, you can use a snow blower or a shovel to first remove the top layer of snow, leaving around an inch or so, which you can then sweep away with a brush or a broom.
Make sure you shovel with caution and tackle the grass carefully- always use a plastic shovel- never a metal one.

Deep Cleaning

Got a cleanliness freak within you? Have a deep cleanse on your mind? While bacteria buildup is generally not an issue with artificial grass, you can still make sure the grass is at its cleanest best by mixing one part water and one part vinegar together and using it to wash the grass. This mixture can be used to treat areas that have a possible buildup of bacteria (maybe a spot where your pet dog frequently urinates).

Basic Cleaning Tips

With the change in weather, the nails that secure your lawn from the edges may get affected too. Give it a thorough check and add additional nails to secure the bed even further, if needed. Give your lawn a quick brush once every couple of weeks to remove any debris.


Cleaning artificial grass in winter


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  1. I bet artificial grass is great in terms of not having to cut it but there still seems to be plenty of manitenance, so I think I’d stick to real grass when we get a garden x

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