So now that it’s the summer, the weather’s either perfect or way too hot and you have more opportunities than ever to exercise and look after your body, considering that there’s a good chance you’re on holiday or perhaps your workload is nowhere near as rough as the rest of the year. What better time than now to make sure you get to that perfect body you want to see in the mirror, fit into all your clothes and just be healthier.

Remember how I said, “your workload is nowhere near as rough as the rest of the year”? That’s not true for everyone. Some people work constantly all year round so they don’t have as much free time as you’d expect. You may be one of these people yourself and the concept of free time tends to elude you. But that’s why, thanks to advancements in medicine and technology, we have Coolsculpting New York clinics’ easiest way to lose that extra fat, without having to put a lot of time into complicated procedures or long days of waiting to recover.

Thanks to this amazing treatment, you can tone your body to perfection with barely any input and only a small chunk out of your busy schedule.

A Different Kind of Procedure

Fat reduction procedures are not easy treatments at all. A lot of them require the physical removal of the fat, whether it’s through cutting, evaporating, or other techniques. While these treatments are generally safe (otherwise they wouldn’t be approved by the FDA), they’re not easy in any way.

This isn’t to say that Coolsculpting is easy; not for the clinic specialists at least. But simply put, the procedure, as well as the recovery, are not as difficult for the patients as others might be because of the more casual nature of the actual procedure.

Other fat reduction treatments involve injections or incisions, where the professional has to be pinpoint accurate to make sure that the mark isn’t even a tiny bit off. Even these small measurements can cause problems that may spiral into something much bigger.

Put everything I just said next to Coolsculpting and you’ll see just how much simpler and more patient-friendly the procedure is. All that happens, is the placement of the Coolsculpting pumps on the parts of your body that you wish to tone. The pumps create a cold, isolated environment over the skin, exposing it to cool air for a certain period, which activates a special function in the fat cells which causes them to commit, basically, cell suicide. When this happens, the cells are deactivated and recycled into the body, where they won’t cause any more discomfort.

Simply put: besides the actual placement of these cold pumps, there is absolutely no other artificial or external input and your body does the majority of the work. This is what makes Coolsculpting so special and why it’s so much friendlier than other treatments. All you have to do is sit back for 40 minutes as the pumps work their cold magic, after which you get to leave the clinic with no extra complications or special maintenance.

Post Procedure Care

Now, of course, as with any other procedure which alters the way your body is, you’re going to need to take care of it one way or another. But just compare the recovery for

Coolsculpting, which is simply avoiding excess pressure on the skin for a couple of days after the treatment, to other fat reduction procedures, which may require you to visit the clinic a couple more times, use special lotions and skincare products, wait for stitches to heal and so on.

With Coolsculpting, you simply have a lot less to worry about.

You can look at one of NYC’s most renowned clinics, Skinly Aesthetics, and their famous Coolsculpting NYC treatment package, to see why it’s so popular and why people are enjoying its conveniences. Most of their clients report a short recovery time, where they barely had to do anything and simply relaxed as their body’s natural processes worked to trim off the excess deactivated fat cells that were left under the skin.

You don’t even notice how this happens; your body does this naturally with only the stimulation it receives from the cold air applied during the procedure itself. Besides that, it is advised to use moisturizer and softening creams to prevent the skin from flaking.

In fact, I’d highly recommend checking out their Coolsculpting NYC page for more information on the treatment.

Just make sure that you understand what you want to treat and why. Keep in mind that there is a lot of fat on your body which is perfectly natural and you don’t have to get rid of it. It’s good to have fat in your body as it’s responsible for storing energy and keeping you running. Without it, you would have many health problems and life would be pretty hard in general.

On the other hand, some fat just doesn’t have to be there and it becomes more of a burden than a blessing. This is what you want to get rid of, the fat that bothers you when you’re putting on your pants, or the inner thigh fat which causes your legs to rub against each other.

You have to think about which area of your body could use a little trimming and why the fat’s impacted your life. Only then can you fully understand exactly the kind of procedure you need and how the specialists over at the clinic have to perform. Now, all of this can actually be done at the clinic, since the people working there are used to advising people on their treatments and where to have them.

But as with anything else, it’s always good to come prepared, so that you waste little time in the office and more time in the operating room getting your cool fat reduction treatment.


Toning the Summer Body with Coolsculpting


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  1. I went to see a demonstration of coolsculpting last year, it was fascinating to watch as a process and whilst it might not be for me, what I liked was the full explanation given as to why people opt for it, how it works and some really indepth details as well as a few downsides!

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