Sometimes a good family friendly movie is just what is needed to unwind and enjoy.



Filled with great music, this story is a mixture of well loved Disney classics rolled into one good-hearted story. Giselle is a girl from a fairy tale world that is headed to her dream wedding when she is sent through a well to the real world in the heart of New York.

Amy Adams plays the sweet and cheery Giselle alongside Patrick Dempsey, the realist Robert, representing different views on love and finding a happy medium. With James Marsden as the goofy, yet sincere, Price Edward and Susan Sarandon as the evil queen, the film has all the ingredients of a well loved family adventure.


What a Girl Wants

This charming film follows 17-year-old Daphne from Chinatown, New York City, to London, England, as she goes in search of her father. Finding him engaged to an upper class politician who has a snooty daughter, she stumbles unceremoniously into his life.

Celebrating the importance of family relations, Amanda Bynes plays Daphne, whose greatest ambition is to find her father. Colin Firth as her father, Lord Henry Dashwood, adds humour to the situation with his candid and slightly bewildered demeanour.



As the Earth has become a deserted wasteland, only a robot named Wall-E remains. In his solitude, he spends his days searching through rubble for interesting items until one day he finds plant life and it brings him to the people who live a surreal life in a space ship.

This Disney Pixar animation charms the audience and makes a comment on human nature at the same time. While Wall-E has taken on an interesting personality, the humans on the space ship have so many conveniences, they are at their laziest. The mixture of the two makes the story fun.


The Princess Bride

A humorous adventure, this film tells a story of two lovers who are separated and what happens when they are rejoined. Encounter an intellectual, a Spanish swordsman, a giant and a ridiculous prince with malicious plans.

Narrated by Peter Falk, this film stars Cary Elwes, Robin Wright Penn, Mandy Patinkin, Wallace Shawn, Chris Sarandon and André the Giant and brings to life the wonders of imagination complete with fire pits, giant rodents and life sucking machines, to name a few, presented with light fun.


The Princess Diaries

This wholesome story is of an ordinary and unpopular teen who finds out that she is a princess. It is every girl’s dream but hers. The film follows her ups and downs as she takes “princess lessons” and continually tries to ward off the press.

Starring Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews, this film is an excellent one especially for young girls, allowing the imagination to want to be a princess as well as teaching proper values.


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  1. The Princess Diaries are two of my favourite movies, I can watch them over and over again and still find them really funny. I also adore The Princess Bride too x

  2. I’ve only watched Wall-E from this selection! I thought we would watch a lot more films during lockdown but we’ve been too busy!

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