If you are indulging in an Easter egg or two over the weekend, have you thought about what wine will go best with it? I love prosecco and personally would have it with anything but GiftsOnline4U have looked into it a little bit more and have come up with some suggestions of which wine complements which chocolate egg. They held an afternoon tasting session with their in-house wine expert. They gathered a selection of readily available Easter eggs ranging in brand, price point and type of chocolate from Nestle Rolo and Cadbury Freddo to the more luxurious Green & Black’s Organic Eggs. They then hand selected some of their personalised wines ranging from sweet wines to intense and fortified wines.

GiftsOnline4U have an incredible selection of personalised products, particularly drinks. I got a bottle of personalised champagne from them last year for my friends wedding and I have spotted a few personalised options on Chateauneuf du Pape that I could get for D’s 40th this year.

Anyway, back to Easter.

Whilst white chocolate isn’t technically a “true” chocolate as it doesn’t contain cocoa (the brown part), it ends up being one of the few chocolates that will match with white wines. Being a sweet chocolate, the general rule of thumb is to make sure your wine is slightly sweeter in flavour. The Prosecco worked well although was a little of the dry side for this chocolate, something bubblier and sweeter like an Asti works much better!

A sweet Riesling is the perfect match for milk chocolate. With a gentle fruity (think apple-y and apricot-y) flavour, this wine compliments the milk chocolate due to the nice balance between the sweet milk and the rich chocolate flavours.

They found that Sherry goes well with sea salt chocolate as it offers such a contrast in flavour with the fresh saltiness combined with the sweetness of the Sherry,

Red wines with rich notes of berries and cloves, harmonise well with a dark chocolate. They paired the 70% dark chocolate egg with both a Ruby Port and Chianti and loved both combinations.


Which wine goes best with chocolate?




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  1. Wine and chocolate wouldn’t be something I thought of pairing. I love both though so it’s great to know there are great matchings to the different chocolates. I’m a red wine and dark chocolate fan so it’s perfect for me they go so well together.

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