I recently tried Tesco Counters 21 Day Matured Beef Rib Joint as part of the Tesco Orchard Programme.

I have never used the counters as Tesco before, I have bought the pre-packed meat but other than that, we always buy our meat from a local butcher. The man on the Tesco counter was friendly and advised me on how to cook it according to whether I would like it rare, medium or well done. The beef is £9.50 per kg, the piece I bought cost £12.73 and I had a voucher for £9.50 towards it. There was plenty for two roast dinners and a casserole the next day.

Tesco meat counter

We slow roasted it in the oven (20 minutes on 200 then just under 150 – not sure how long as we left it until Lucas was settled in bed) and served with baby potatoes, roast potatoes, vegetables, yorkshire puddings and gravy. With the left overs we made a casserole the following day in the slow cooker.

Tesco meat counter

The beef tasted superb, the meat was beautifully tender and flavorsome and by far the best roast we have had for a long time. I would definitely recommend this cut as well as the Tesco meat counter. We have since bought it again and we were just as impressed with it x

Tesco meat counter




4 Comments on An Alternative To Turkey This Christmas

  1. I’ve never considered buying from the counter at Tesco. Like you I use my local butcher but I would consider trying the counter next time.

  2. I’m vegetarian so really had no idea you could buy butcher’s cuts from Tescos. My husband is trying to eat more meat at the moment as it is supposed to be helpful for bone healing and he has a badly broken leg so I’ll let him know about this, thanks for sharing.x

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