I am loving this hot weather we are having, it said it was 30 when I got into my car the other day. I picked up another set of shorts and a t-shirt whilst I was out this week. Lucas’ shorts we bought a couple of weeks ago are way too big even though they are 12-18 months so I got him some 9-12 months.

What lucas wore #26

Pack of 2 jersey shorts from Tesco, £5

What lucas wore #25

England football t-shirt from Asda, £3

What lucas wore #26

What lucas wore #26

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6 Comments on What Lucas Wore #26

  1. OMG that t-shirt is amazing!!! My brother has just bought my son the full england strip for the football… although i’m now wishing he had that t-shirt Lucas has!! Thank you for sharing #WeekendtotStyle

  2. Go Engerland!! haha what a sweet t-shirt to get in the spirit, hopefully they do us proud x #FunkyKidFriday

  3. I wish the hot weather was still here! I was starting to get all the summer clothes down from the loft. Definitely haven’t needed them this week! Those shorts look super cute and comfy and were a great bargain. Can’t comment on the England top, as I’m Scottish. Only joking!!! He looks super cute in it 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you’ve had a great weekend x #weekendtotstyle

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