The general questions when waiting in a queue with Lucas from the people next to me have been, how old is he, what’s his name and is he good? I smile politely and say yes he is but really I want to ask what defines a good baby? What would a 7 month old baby have to do for them to be classed as naughty?

Does Lucas not sleeping through the night mean that he isn’t good? I have no issues with him waking in the night for a feed or just a cuddle to settle him back to sleep. Most nights Lucas still has a feed every two hours but I don’t think him being hungry or needing comfort means he isn’t good just because he is interrupting my sleep.

Would crying mean he isn’t good? It’s his only means of communication, whether he is hungry, wants his nappy changing, is bored or just wants a bit of comfort, it is his main way of telling me.
One of my Grandmas asked me if she was ok to pick Lucas up when he was crying as she didn’t want me thinking it might be spoiling him. My other Grandma (and at this, I did have to grit my teeth) actually said to me that crying is good for his lungs, it helps them to develop, (I mean seriously!).
I don’t believe I am spoiling Lucas by responding to his crying but listening to him and supporting him. He can’t get up and wander round when he fancies so what is wrong with picking him up and helping him explore his surroundings?

When Lucas pushes his food away or moves his head to avoid the spoon, would that be classed as not being good? I see that as Lucas telling me he doesn’t want it, the first six months of his life he has controlled his milk intake, why should it be different with food?

How can a baby who doesn’t have the understanding to be able to manipulate or test boundaries not be a good baby?x



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  1. I think I’m totally guilty of asking that question! lol I know what I mean when I ask it but I guess I need to be mindful of how it can be taken.

  2. Good is a really bad choice of words isn’t it. My son was what you would call a ‘good’ baby or textbook would be a more accurate description. My girls have broken all the rules, but they are still adorable. Not always good, but that’s a whole other post entirely

  3. Completely agree with all of this. It’s something I 100% felt pre baby and post baby and always evaded the question. I agree with Zena’s suitcase that a better choice of wording would be textbook although this is only about expectations rather than whether they are sleeping well etc. Great post, I really enjoyed it #bestandworst

  4. It’s a question I still get a lot with my three-year-old – although slightly easier to answer now. It’s very subjective, isn’t it and rather ambiguous but Lucas sounds just lovely. I am giggling at the Grandma’s lung comment…seriously!? #bestandworst

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