For the decorator with limited time and funds, tune in to the five senses to decorate the home for the holidays. Focus on items that look, smell, sound, taste and feel festive to achieve a holiday home easily without spending a lot of money.

Décor That Lights up Their Eyes

Especially around the holidays, it’s easy to get caught up in décor that can break the bank. Sparkling ornaments are a great way to add merriment to the home but try not to go overboard on all that glitters.

Instead, purchase a few pieces and use them all around the house. For example, buy a set of glass ornaments and put them in a small bowl in one room as a decoration and use the rest as part of a centrepiece on the dinner table.

Smells Like Home

The way a home smells is one thing guests notice immediately.

Use branches discarded from trees and trim them up. These can be used in centrepieces, as décor on a wall-table or even in a basket with lotion and soap in the bathroom.

Jingle Bells that Ring with Joy

Another easy way to get the home ready for the holidays is to have a holiday CD playing softly in the living room. By choosing a CD that can be used every year, you will beckon back memories of holiday’s past and get in the holiday spirit just by pressing play. We also use Alexa as there are so many Christmas playlists.

Taste Something Special

With holiday parties and family and friends stopping by, keep something in the fridge that will taste special with little effort. Président Brie is a great choice – simply cut off a slice from the brie log, put it in a small baking dish and place a spoonful (or two!) of preserves on top and bake for about two minutes or until the brie begins to melt and soften. Raspberry or fig preserve or an orange marmalade are great choices for this dish.

Paired with simple crackers and a glass of champagne, this is a very impressive and festive appetiser. If that’s too much trouble, just stick to the champagne!

Wrap Up in the Holidays

Switch out the regular couch throw for a festive blanket. If that is still an unnecessary purchase, just light a candle or start a fire in the fireplace!

The glow from a simple candle is enough to bring warmth to the home and cheer for guests.


Christmas decorating tips. For the decorator with limited time and funds, tune in to the five senses to decorate the home for the holidays.


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  1. Great tips to style the house on a budget without too much fuss either. I just love decorating though..thanks for sharing!

  2. I love each and every one of these suggestions for Christmas decorating 🙂 My absolute favorite is the scent….as the fragrance really makes it feel like the Holidays. I always have some Scentsy wax melts for the Holidays and they really are awesome. That and a beautifully decorated tree and some other Holiday Decor and you are set!

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