Looking for a getaway with the extended family? Taking grandparents with you on holiday can be great – great for your children, great for them, great for you (you might actually get some time to yourself!)

However, there are one or two things you need to consider, particularly around travel insurance. For most of us, travel insurance is one of those annoying little extras you have to force yourself to remember before a trip, but it is inexpensive and well worth it for the reassurance it gives you.

For older people, however, things change dramatically. Because they are considered a higher risk group and more likely to make a claim, insurance companies hike up prices for older travellers (or else refuse to give them cover full stop). For the over 70s in particular, these increases are often enough to price people out of a holiday full stop.

So, what can you do if you are planning on heading away with relatives in this age bracket? The first thing is to look for is a provider who specialise in travel insurance for elderly people. While mainstream firms charge the highest prices for older travellers, there are plenty of niche providers who have recognised the gap in the market and are able to offer better deals to older travellers.

Another tip is to consider splitting up the insurance you buy between a family policy for everyone aged under, say, 65 or 70, and then getting individual cover for the older members of your party. As a general rule, group or family policies work out cheaper, but older travellers can push these prices up. It often works out cheaper, therefore, to get the best deal possible on a group policy for you and your children, and then go to the specialist provider for grandparents.

To find out more, go to http://www.avantitravelinsurance.co.uk.


Taking Grandparents on holiday can be great for them, the children and you but you need to consider travel insurance for older people


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  1. I have often thought about taking the grandparents on holiday with us, so we could enjoy some time without the kids. I’d not even thought about the insurance side of things

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