I am very happy to announce that a few bloggers have got together to offer a whopping £200 giveaway. One lucky winner will be walking away with a fantastic £200 worth of Amazon vouchers, while one runner up will get £20. This is a worldwide giveaway so if you aren’t from the UK, the prize will be delivered via PayPal cash.

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To enter all you need to do is answer the following question:
What is the best thing about Easter?

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*Please note that all entry options other than the question are optional, however it would be lovely if you could take a few minutes and support some of the bloggers who have helped make this giveaway possible.
Good Luck!


125 Comments on Easter Extravaganza Giveaway – Amazon Voucher

  1. Having loads of eggs my daughters face as first year she’s getting eggs yippy she’s nearly 4 with delition of chromosome 16p 12.2

  2. I love all the Easter eggs at Easter and of course the holiday weekend and spending time with my lovely family 🙂

  3. the fact we get to spend family time together, usually a trip to the seaside, and of course the extra chocolate is a bonus

  4. I enjoy all the crafting with my granddaughter, making cards decorating her easter bonnet, making decorations, then me & her Papa do an easter egg hunt for her & her nephews & nieces, it’s about family time oh- & chocolate of course !

  5. The best thing about Easter is the nice long break off work, those two extra days meaning you can go off somewhere nice for a long weekend.

  6. The best thing about easter is our egg making competition we always dress up eggs for fun in our house our daughter always wins 🙂 the prize is of course chocolate and usually a little stuffed bunny

  7. The best part about Easter is that we get to celebrate it with the whole family and eat the whole day plus not to forget the Easter egg hunt! 🙂

  8. The Best thing about Easter is the eternal promise for believers of forgiveness and redemption from Sin. Followed by the family get together’s, rolling down the hills chasing eggs, the basket hunts and the food!

  9. My favourite part is being able to chill out while the kids hunt for their eggs! I hide them really randomly so that I get longer to watch the telly. I know, bad lazy parenting lol, but I home school my four so I deserve some chocolatey me time! lol 😉 x

  10. there was two bloglovin entries that i noticed when i went to past the post i hearted it made my name disappear i didnt notice till after i press the enter thing sorry bloglovin name Surso Sousa

  11. The best thing about Easter is that it reminds believers in Christ that he had died on the cross for the sins of all humanity, and had risen, and now is alive in Heaven and wants us all to follow after him and serve him so that whosoever will have faith in him, and will believe in him, will one day, have ever lasting life!

  12. The best thing about Easter is that God’s son was resurrected and eternal life was made available to all. Second best is all the chocolate that goes on sale!!

  13. I live 6 hours away from my family and grandkids spending time with them and watching them find the eggs is the best.

  14. I love Easter every year because my husband always gets me a nice Easter Basket filled with goodies for my craft hobbies, sweet treats and more.

  15. I think Easter is a great holiday and I love the chocolate and all the life spring brings back to the countryside.

  16. I love Easter because i like egg hunting with my family and friends and liked to see who is first cracked red eggs because Easter is so fun .

  17. The best part of Easter for me is seeing the look on the kids’ faces as they discover what the Easter Bunny brings!

  18. The best part of Easter for me is seeing swathes of spring bulbs after the grey of winter and family get-togethers.

  19. Now that I have kids I just have a blast taking them to easter egg hunts and teaching them about Easter and taking them to see the Easter bunny and seeing their faces in the morning when they see their Easter Baskets. I think the best thing about Easter is having the family get together and watch the kids hunt for eggs

  20. The joy of spending Easter with the entire family is the best thing about Easter. That and plus the delicious food 🙂

  21. Seeing the look on the kids face when they wake up to see all the candy ands gifts Then spending the day togather and the dinner

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