The Co-Op invited me to take part in their initiative #ReverseAdvent. The idea is every day in advent I put one (or more) item into a box and donate it to someone on Christmas Eve.




They have gifted nearly 700 starters packs to the public so that they can get started with giving back to their community this Christmas. Included in the pack is a flat-pack cardboard box with handles, for your items, a £5 Co-op gift voucher and tips on what you could include in your box and who to donate to.

One of my blogging buddies, Kat from Candyfloss & Dreams spent time in a womens refuge and hostels with her daughter after leaving her abusive partner. Listening to her and seeing how happy she is with her new partner and the family life they have now made me want to donate to my local refuge.

‘I lived in a refuge for 10 months with my daughter and it was really tough! Especially at Christmas. You can feel really alone and if it wasn’t for the generosity of other people it would have been so tough. Now I look back on that time with gratitude. When I was there a previous resident donated enough dressing gowns for every mum living in the refuge and it was the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received. I still have and wear that dressing gown now to remind me of the kindness of others and how far I’ve come. One day I hope to be able to give back to the ladies living there, just to make them feel a little bit of Christmas magic.’ Kat




I contacted the Preston Women’s Refuge and have arranged to drop of the donations next week at a drop off point, I obviously can’t drop it off at the refuge as that is kept confidential.

In my box I have put;

2 chopped tomatoes
2 spaghetti rings
2 baked beans
2 new potatoes
1 garden peas
1 tub of smash instant mash potatoes
1 pack of 4 chicken and vegetable cup a soups
1 pack of non-bio washing powder
1 pack of baby wipes
1 bottle multi surface cleaner
1 bottle washing up liquid
1 bottle shower gel
1 pack of 10 all purpose cloths
1 pack of household gloves
1 pack malted milk biscuits
1 pack ginger biscuits
1 pack jelly beans
1 pack dolly mixtures
1 pack milk bottles
2 winter baby hats
1 winter baby hat and gloves set
1 elf teddy bear
1 Koo-di Seat Me Safe Travel Seat


I am also taking some of mine and Lucas’ clothes that we no longer use and baby blankets. I mentioned in a local parenting group that I am going and a couple of people have said they will donate some of their clothes they no longer use and toiletries.


What started as a Co-Op box ended up being a box, 5 big bags of adult and children’s clothes and a big bag of toiletries



I’m glad The Co-Op invited me to take part in this, I am going to donate regularly throughout the year. I am so lucky to have a loving partner and supportive family. I want Lucas to grow up knowing that not everyone is as lucky as he is and that he should be kind and generous when he can be to help others.




10 Comments on #ReverseAdvent with The Co-Op

  1. What an absolutely fabulous initiative well done coop and well done you for taking part! This is exactly what Christmas should be about!!! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime

  2. what a wonderful thing to be a part of, I shall definitely be looking into this with my local coop and as a family we will be doing our bit.

    Thanks for highlighting this great cause.


  3. I read this the other day and thought what an amazing idea it is. I hope It gets more widespread as the years go on. Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for joining us at #familyfun xx

  4. wow that is such a great idea and really great to showcase it on your blog to raise awareness. Thank you so much for sharing it and joining us and have a great christmas.

  5. Such a brilliant idea and for a worthwhile cause. It’s hard to think that there are other out there that need this. I hope to do this with my son as he grows too as it is a good lesson. Sorry it’s taken me so long to come by from #FamilyFun (Christmas happened!!) thanks for linking up.

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