With school finished for Summer now, I’m sure plenty of you are going to be getting ready to go on your Summer holidays so here’s a little list to help you prepare x

Get your documents together
If you can check in online, check in so it’s one less thing to do when you get to the airport. If you have printed your boarding passes out, ensure those, your passport (check it’s in date), hotel confirmation and visa are together in a safe place. I also take a photocopy of Lucas’ birth certificate because we have different surnames. 
Travel insurance
This is a big one, it isn’t worth risking not having travel insurance, especially when there are plenty of affordable options now including Bupa worldwide travel insurance. It can cover your trip being cancelled, flight delays, lost luggage and the most important, if any of you are injured on holiday. If you are travelling within Europe, also remember your European Health Insurance Card
Airport transfer/car hire
Have you pre booked your airport transfer once you arrive at the destination? This can make your holiday start a lot more smoothly than looking for a taxi one you land and not knowing exactly how much you should be charged. If you have hired a car, have you double checked all the details? We recently went to France and originally booked the car in D’s name then changed it to mine. This change wasn’t communicated by the online booking company and the car hire which resulted in us having to make various phone calls once we arrived rather than getting on with our holiday. Also make sure you have your car hire confirmation, credit/debit card and driving license. 
Travel money
Check the exchange rates in various shops before going to change your money and if you don’t fancy carrying enough cash on you for the full holiday, you can get a travel money card. I got one last time from the Post Office. You can use it anywhere that accepts visa and either get the remaining money back when you return from holiday or leave it on for your next trip. I have left our balance on it so I just need to top it up before we go away again. The money on the card also stays the same as the exchange rate when I purchased it even if the rate decreases. 
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  1. A good list to get people organised and sorted for their holiday. Always a good idea to get travel insurance as soon as you book the holiday incase anything happens.

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