Whether you are planning a wedding and honeymoon or just fancy looking at some luxury holiday locations, here are a few I fancy…


Thailand looks like such a stunning place to explore with Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, tropical beaches and spectacular islands. As well as the fascinating history, unique culture and delectable food, there is plenty for everyone.if you are thinking of visiting Thailand, click here. A flight from the UK to Thailand is 11-12 hours.


I have so many amazing memories for my visit to India and would love to return. From big cities, temples and magnificent architecture to serene beaches and waterways, trekking mountains to being on safari there really is plenty to do. A flight to India from the UK is 8-9 hours.


Mauritius looks like absolute paradise. Known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. If you want to to go hiking, check out the rainforests, waterfalls and wildlife. Flights from the UK are around 12 hours.


Dubai is well known for its luxury shopping, lively nightlife and ultramodern architecture. The Dubai Mall has an Olympic size ice skating rink, while Mall of the Emirates features the indoor slopes of Ski Dubai. Flights from the UK to Dubai is around 7 hours.


When I think of Hawaii, I think of lush green forests, white sandy beaches and beautiful blue sea water. If you want to go on a horse back ride, hiking through the waterfalls and greenery, diving to see the marine life or completely relax on the beach, Hawaii has the perfect place for you. Flights from the UK take around 17 hours.


Kyoto in Japan has plenty of Buddhist temples, zen gardens, bamboo groves, Shinto shrines, canal lined paths with cherry and maple trees and traditional wooden houses to explore. It’s also know for it formal traditions such as kaiseki dining. Flights from the UK to Japan are around 11-12 hours


Located in the central region of Italy, Tuscany has stunning countryside, a beautiful coastline and all the culture you could possibly want in it’s main city, Florence. Not only that, it is also home to Pisa and it’s famous leaning tower as well as gastronomy to suit even the fussiest eater and art that is truly magnificent. Read more from Farmers Wife and Mummy. Tuscany is around 2-3 hours from the UK



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  1. Every single destination you’ve mentioned is on my bucket list. I would love to one day have visited them all! Great list. x

  2. Part of me would love to go somewhere on an exploring holiday and go somewhere like Japan but then another part of me would love something super relaxing like the Carribean somewhere. I’ve got plenty of time to think about it though haha x

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