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Blogtober #8 – Favourite TV Programmes

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  Since having Lucas I have been very grateful for catch up TV and series record as the TV time that he’s around usually consists of Postman Pat. The ones I have set to series record are Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Nashville and Home and Away. Emmerdale and Coronation Street I don’t mind missing but have […] Read more…


Blogtober #7 – What made you start blogging?

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D suggested I started a blog after I started reviewing products on facebook, as a way of having somewhere to keep them as well as logging our journey as a family. A place to store our photos and jot down our milestones. I’m now lucky enough to earn a few pennies from it too which […] Read more…


Find The Perfect Gift For The Little Ones

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Before having Lucas, no forget that, even though I have Lucas I have no idea what to buy for other children. I obviously know what Lucas would like but even children of the same age I struggle with and I’m useless when it comes to older ones. Wicked Uncle have managed to completely eliminate this problem.  Wicked […] Read more…