Bird feeders to make with children

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Bird feeders to make with children

Gardening with children and watching the birds flitting to and from a bird feeder is a fun experience that is both relaxing and exciting. Children enjoy watching the ways birds interact with one another and are thrilled when a favourite bird stops by for a snack. By creating their own edible feeders for the birds, […] Read more…


The ordinary moments #50

| Diary

A blue and orange sky during sunset

We moved house a couple of weeks ago and where we live now is really making me appreciate how beautiful the area is. The school is is surrounded by winding roads, hills and fields for as far as you can see. Rather than stopping for traffic and people crossing over, I’m pulling over whilst I […] Read more…


How to paint ceilings and stairwells

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It can be very rewarding to do your own decorating but also hard work. One of the issues with painting ceilings and walls in stairwells, is that the height is often too great to reach with a conventional ladder. Propping a ladder against the wall can be unsafe and still needs to be moved in […] Read more…


Opening a French bank account

| Money, Moving to France

    In the UK we take for granted the amenities available to us, I had three banks in the UK, one for my bills, one for household bills and one for my spending money. It’s never been anything I’ve had to overthink as they can be opened within 10 minutes online and are free, […] Read more…


How to Find the Right Wedding DJ

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How Do I Find the Right Wedding DJ

  You’ve found your perfect wedding venue and now you need to find your perfect wedding DJ. There are several options available during a wedding reception such as music bands and DJ. Both are good, but if you choose a wedding DJ over a group of bands, there are several things to consider. If you […] Read more…


Life Less Ordinary bracelets review

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Lucas and mummy handwriting bracelets from life less ordinary with countryside in the background

    We were recently sent a couple of bracelets from Life Less Ordinary. Ethical, Fairtrade and cruelty free products are at the heart of everything Life Less Ordinary do. Their cotton bags are Fairtrade, their tagua nuts are cruelty free and their business cards are made from recycled T shirts!     They are […] Read more…


What happened on January 10th?

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infographic showing what happened on 10th january

It’s my birthday today, I’m not doing much but Lucas is off school today as he’s still on his Christmas holidays from school. This week, his school have been on a ski trip which Lucas didn’t want to go on. We didn’t want to push him either as he is only 4 and week away […] Read more…