Blogtober #26 – Favourite Songs

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  I’m not sure of my top ten favourite songs as I forget what they are called so this is a mix of songs and albums. <br /> Mi Tierra, Gloria Estefan’s first Spanish from the early 90s. I would have about 6 when this was released and my parents played it a lot in […] Read more…


Blogtober #25 – What Superpower Would I Like?

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  There are many superpowers I would love to have. Flying being one, how incredible would it be to have a little fly away to a sunny beach or up some mountains to watch the sunset. When I saw this question I thought invisibility straight away, the ability to disappear and have a little peace. […] Read more…

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Blogtober #21 – What am I afraid of?

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  I am afraid of wasps, I hate them, I don’t understand what they do to deserve their existence. I remember when we were younger we had gone camping and me, my brother and some other children we were with had gone playing. My brother disturbed a nest of wasps and some went up my […] Read more…


What Lucas Wore #30

| Fashion

There are a lack of links in this post as I can’t work the Tesco Direct website out at all. I’ve always disliked it but got along just fine with Tesco Clothing, now they have merged clothing into direct I just give up. These are some bits I bought in store. The jeans have an […] Read more…


Blogtober #20 – Cool things about where I live

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  There is absolutely nothing cool about where I live. Nothing at all. So, I’m going to go with some people that live near     John Whaite lives near and went to our school, he was very good friends with my cousin when they were in primary school. John won the third series of The Great […] Read more…


What are the car seat guidelines?

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  When it comes to buying car seats, it is seriously overwhelming. There are so many choices, ones that last for one stage, ones that last for two stages and then three stages. I didn’t even realise there were three stages! Then you have rear facing or forward facing, the money to consider, you obviously […] Read more…