The Ordinary Moments #6

| Diary

Lucas standing wearing a red and blue checked shirt and navy trousers, blonde wavy hair, carrying a blue dustpan full of hair to the silver bin

My Mum and I had our hair cut this week by the mobile hairdresser. Lucas said Oh Oh to the hair falling on the floor and rushed to the cupboard to get the dustpan and brush out.   Read more…


Happy Days #10

| Diary

Lucas smiling standing on the back of a pickup truck

I have been rubbish once again at keeping these posts up so hopefully I will remember to do it each night from now on x Saturday Lucas and I took my Grandma to a local garden centre, the type that has a zillion different shops in it. My Grandma wanted to go for new pillows, we […] Read more…


Mother’s Day gift ideas

| Shopping

Mothers day gift ideas moomin mug

  Mother’s Day is 26th March this year and I am hoping for a bath in peace and some ferrero rochers, for those of you that are spending a little more have a look at the suggestions below. The Moments Journal, £15. Your best moments make every day matter. Take a few minutes to pause, […] Read more…


Preparing your home for a newborn

| Home & Garden

Preparing your home for a newborn

When you are expecting for the first time, you have many things on your mind, from mum’s health to the safety of your newborn. Excitement builds as you count the weeks until your due date and monitor the baby’s development with ultrasound scans. Everyone has a slightly different method of parenting, but the most important […] Read more…


The ordinary moments #5

| Diary

Lucas sat on my Grandmas knee while she reads him a book

    We visit my Grandma and Grandad at least once a week. Lucas loves going there, he loves visiting people and has a different routine for every house. When we visit here, he goes to the cupboard to get his cup out before telling my Grandma or Grandad that it has ‘all gone’ so […] Read more…


What Lucas Wore #33

| Fashion

Lucas looking at canera with a smile and squinting eyes. Blue and white checked check, blonde curly hair, holding a toasted tea cake

I haven’t posted an outfit post since before Christmas. It isn’t that we don’t dress Lucas or buy him new clothes, I just find I am increasingly losing time. Seriously, where does it go?! The other problem I have is that I forget to take a photo and before I think about it we have […] Read more…


AllerGuard cot mattress cover giveaway

| Giveaways

Allerguard cot matress cover giveaway

According to Allergy UK, 50% of children in the UK have an allergy. Allergy symptoms can be mild, moderate or severe, and while some people seem to experience the same level of allergy symptoms each time they have an allergic reaction, there is no guarantee that a mild reaction on one occasion won’t lead to […] Read more…


The Lazy Gardeners Wish List

| Home & Garden

The lazy gardeners wishlist

  This year I am on a mission to redecorate, so far I have only done my bedroom but with Spring around the corner I have started to think about our garden. At the moment it is flagged and gravelled with borders of out of control bushes and trees. I would love to make it […] Read more…


The Ordinary Moments #4

| Diary

The ordinary moments is a link up to share those ordinary moments of family life

  Lucas loves being out and about. I don’t know whether he will ever want to just stay in, as soon as he is up in the morning he is ready for his day of adventures. This usually starts with an extremely early morning walk/drive, we can very often be found out at 6am! We […] Read more…