Donating hair: the dos and don’ts

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Donating hair: the dos and don’ts

  If you have very long hair, you may have considered going for a shorter cut and donating your locks to an organisation that supplies natural hair wigs to people who are experiencing temporary or permanent hair loss due to illness or medical treatment. While this is, of course, a wonderful thing to do, there […] Read more…


#StayClassyMama Link Up No. 74

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Hello, welcome to #StayClassyMama, I am very excited to be co-hosting with the lovely Pat from White Camellias this week. I hope you have all had a good week, I feel like I haven’t had a moments rest this week, with either running around keeping Lucas occupied or working but it’s all good because on […] Read more…

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How to encourage children to be more active

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importance of outdoor play #tearsintosmiles

  Before the age of tablets and smartphones, children used to live fairly active lifestyles. They’d go out and play with their friends and spend hours exploring outdoors. These days however, you’re more likely to see children with their heads glued to the TV or mobile phone screen. It’s no coincidence therefore, that there’s been […] Read more…


Savoury flapjack recipe and weaning giveaway

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Savoury flapjack recipe Lucas is sat on a grey worktop stirring oats in a bowl

  A couple of weeks ago, Lucas and I were invited to a walk and wean event by Piccolo. Lucas has obviously finished weaning but we thought we would go along and see if we could learn anything new as weaning recipes don’t have to stop after weaning, they can be adapted for children and […] Read more…


Healthy pasta and meatballs

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Healthy pasta and meatballs #HealthyRedMeat

  The Department of Health recommends that all children between the age of six months to five years are given vitamin supplements containing vitamins A, C and D every day. I am always looking for ways to get vitamins and minerals into Lucas as he doesn’t like any of the liquid multivitamins, even if I […] Read more…


ESP Keepsakes review

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ESP Keepsakes review

  I love personalised items and even more so if they include something precious to me like Lucas’ prints. I recently got a charm and a ring that contains my breastmilk and a lock of Lucas’ hair. Nothing can compare to something that is unique to you or your family. When ESP Keepsakes offered to […] Read more…


Sea Life Manchester review

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Sea Life Manchester review Lucas is sat on a ledge in front of a tank of fish

  A couple of weeks ago Lucas and I were invited* to review Sea Life in Manchester and LEGOLAND. I am going to write separately about LEGOLAND Manchester.     The Sea Life centre is situated at the Trafford Centre so it is easily accessible from the motorway and has an incredible amount of free […] Read more…


The Snowman Tour

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The Snowman Tour

  The nights are drawing in and the thicker duvet’s will be out soon.  I know it’s early but when it begins to get darker I start to think about Christmas. When I think of the festivities many things come to mind; turkey, mince pies, family and friends and of course the classic film, The […] Read more…