Ordinary moments #78

| Diary

A rainbow above the arch in la Chappelle-Gresignac

There was a beautiful rainbow on the way to picking Lucas up from school the other day. My phone hasn’t done it justice but it was beautiful against the dark sky x       Read more…


Christmas decorating tips

| Home & Garden, Lifestyle

Christmas decorating tips. For the decorator with limited time and funds, tune in to the five senses to decorate the home for the holidays.

For the decorator with limited time and funds, tune in to the five senses to decorate the home for the holidays. Focus on items that look, smell, sound, taste and feel festive to achieve a holiday home easily without spending a lot of money. Décor That Lights up Their Eyes Especially around the holidays, it’s […] Read more…


Creating a Luxurious Coffee Experience at Home

| Food & Drink, Lifestyle

  Visiting a coffee shop is about far more than coffee. There’s something luxurious about sitting back in a warming atmosphere, breathing in the aromas of freshly ground coffee, slowly sipping on a delicious blend without having to worry about washing up or anything else on our to-do lists. When we drink coffee at home, […] Read more…


Ordinary moments #77

| Diary

Lucas posting his letter to Pere Noel in a yellow post box

Lucas posted his letter to Father Christmas this week. I used the address given by La Poste so hopefully he will receive a letter back from Father Christmas. He’s hoping for Minion and Mario Lego.       Christmas came early this week when my cousin posted a box of his daughters Simpsons Lego out […] Read more…


How Dogs Can Help Kids Become More Responsible

| Family, Lifestyle

Walking the dog my mum and Lucas walking a big white fluffy dog through the field. My mum has a mustard coloured jumper in with dark blue jeans, short brown curly hair. Lucas has short wavy blonde hair holding the dogs lead and wearing dark blue jeans and black long sleeves top

  This is a guest post from BarkFriend.com Just imagine this scene in a suburban neighbourhood. A boy and girl, siblings, 10 and 8 years old respectively have leashes in hand leading to their pet dogs that they are taking along for their daily stroll through the streets and into the park. The activity that […] Read more…


Ways to Make a Home More Senior-Friendly

| Home & Garden, Lifestyle

Easy access shower

  As you get older, it’s important that you take the time to analyse your current living environment. As you enter your senior years, it’s understandable that you’ll want to stay in your own home no matter what. However, if your mobility is beginning to decline, performing simple tasks may be challenging. Thankfully, there are […] Read more…