How to help children cope with death

| Family

How to help children cope with death

  I hope this guide will help you help children cope with death. First, before I go further, it is essential to acknowledge that dealing with your feelings is challenging, without the addition of caring for young people. Therefore, before you can help others, you need to take care of your needs too. Talking to […] Read more…


Stop overthinking & Calm Down your Mind

| Health & Beauty

Have you ever wondered what is really holding you back from everything that you want to do? More often than not, people overthink, and that’s actually worse than you think it is. For someone who tends to overthink, a little obstacle or hurdle can turn into a giant problem, which can cripple them and their […] Read more…


Creating an exotic garden

| Home & Garden

Red canna lillies

If you are trying to create a unique garden or backyard atmosphere, you may be hoping to make it look exotic, or look a lot less like every other garden in the neighbourhood. Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes exotic, but no one can argue that a tropical looking garden in a non-tropical […] Read more…


Exploring the Dordogne – week 4

| Diary, Travel

Lucas playing games on the lawn outside Mareuil chateau

This week we have been on a couple of late night drives, these are a great time to look around new villages, when the temperature is cooler and you can see the beautiful sky in a multitude of orange and pinks before a sun set. The sun set looks magnificent against the sunflower fields. On […] Read more…


Car Tyres – Get a Grip for Your Summer Holiday

| Travel

Car Tyre - Get a Grip for Your Summer Holiday

  With summer holidays nearly here, I’m sure you have plenty of day trips planned or even a road trip. Ensuring your tyres are legal and roadworthy is not only a requirement but it’s a car safety check that you should undertake on regular basis and definitely before you set off on a long journey.   […] Read more…


Uncovering the Benefits of Co-Sleeping

| Family

Uncovering the Benefits of Co-Sleeping

For decades now, having your child alongside you when you’re sleeping seems to have gotten a bad reputation and I completely understand the risks but it is actually great, and packs in a ton of benefits for both the parent and the child. We have co-slept since he was a baby. So if you’ve got […] Read more…


Top tips for visiting Disney World

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Top tips for visiting Disney World #Florida #Disney

Last week I wrote a post about visiting Florida with children. Obviously the big destination people think of when having a family holiday in Florida is Disney World. It can be very expensive to visit but there are cheaper ways around it, such as package Disney World tickets. Here’s some top tips from some bloggers […] Read more…


Exploring the Dordogne – week 3

| Diary, Travel

D and I looking at the camera, a field of sunflowers behind us

  Last Sunday we went into Verteillac for the Brocante. The whole village was taken over by stalls selling everything from toys, clothes and antiques. Lucas picked up a little car and a knight figure.     On Monday, we ventured into Ribérac. Ribérac is quite a busy town with a few shops and restaurants. […] Read more…


Lunch at L’École, Vendoire

| Food & Drink

The back garden seating

  A couple of weeks ago we went to L ‘École in Vendoire. It is about 10 minutes from where we are staying in Champagne-et-Fontaine. The restaurant is situated in a beautiful house and garden. It is a stunning setting with shaded seating under the terrace and also seating around the back with views overlooking miles […] Read more…