Perfect gifts for family travellers

| Shopping

family passport holder

  With travelling becoming so much more accessible with various means of transport and accommodation, more and more families are choosing to spend their money and time travelling and experiencing different cultures and exploring new places, rather than luxuries at home. Here are some gift ideas for travelling families and are all gifts under £30! […] Read more…


Keeping warm with home insulation

| Home & Garden, Lifestyle

Keeping warm with home insulation and saving energy and money on your household bills with different types of home insulation

  I’ve recently written about Winter proofing your house and touched upon making sure your house is insulated properly. Good insulation is essential. Even the attic needs to be properly insulated. If it isn’t, cold air can get into the attic and that will compete with the warm air that naturally rises. Proper insulation also […] Read more…

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Cheap activities for over the holidays

| Family, Lifestyle

Cheap activities for over the holidays

Include some of these cheap activities and outings for children and families in holiday plans to keep children busy and active during school holidays. School holidays can be a great opportunity to spend time together as a family. It is not necessary to take expensive trips to build wonderful family memories. There are lots of […] Read more…


Should Engagement Proposals Be a Surprise?

| Lifestyle

will you marry me on a lightbox with rose petals on the floor

  Who doesn’t love a great marriage proposal story? The engagement proposal is one of the most monumental events in the lives of every happily married couple. Having said that, do proposals need to be a surprise to be great and memorable? And if they do, to what extent? When couples decide to marry, it’s […] Read more…

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Visiting Italy with children

| Travel & Days Out, Worldwide

an italian canal surrounded by houses

  Italians are known for their love of families and children. Italy is also awash with beautiful sights, culture, history and incredible food. There are obviously the well known attractions such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Roman forts and the Colosseum. Here are some other ideas to keep the children occupied. Gardaland There […] Read more…


Must Have Road Trip Accessories

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Must Have Road Trip Accessories. photo shows legs and feet resting on the dashboard with mountains in the distance

  There’s a nostalgic infatuation with road trips that more mundane travel options often can’t compete with. Arguably there’s never been a better time to hit the road and explore as the hours behind the wheel have been made so much easier with endless new car gadgets for your comfort, safety and convenience to pick […] Read more…