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When it comes to the bathroom, there is an apparent connection with femininity. Although men still consider the bathroom as a sacred place, women tend to spend more time in it. Because of this common belief, most men aren’t concerned about decorating the space. However, we all can agree that that trend is changing. Today, more and more men are stylish and know a thing or two about designing their own space.

In these modern times, bachelors also showcase their taste when it comes to designing their bathrooms. If you are interested in getting your bathroom revamped, these styling ideas can help you start decorating your bachelor bathroom.

Styling Depends on your personality

There’s a truth that creativity and styling techniques all depend on your personality, and that goes for both genders. Generally, women like to have a bathroom filled with vibrant colours. For bachelors, however, they prefer darker, cooler tones such as grey and black. Pairing it with white can also complement that style.

It is worth noting that your personality dictates how you are going to design and decorate your space. Remember, whatever work you have created will ultimately show your character, and that is important when it comes to interior designing.

Creative Ideas To Start Decorating

One way to get started on designing is by clearing your mind. Clearing your mind allows you to come with designs and concepts much easier. Once you have a clear mind, try going online and look for suggestions. You can follow designs, but that would be missing your personal touch on it.

A good way to do it is by following certain aspects of a design and then adding your own personal touch to it. By doing it that way, you’re giving a more personal connection to your concepts. With that, you’ll appreciate your designs a lot better than most do.

Colour Selection

Choosing a bathroom colour palette is a good way to start the actual designing process. It is important to emphasize that colours have a significant effect on the final look of your bathroom. Although it’s not written in stone, most people often generalize the gender of the bathroom owner through its colours. People often associate vibrant colours with women, while cool and simplistic tones often go to men.

If you want to have your bathroom look highly masculine, choosing natural and earthy colours is your best choice. You can always have light and bubbly colours but pair it with wooden textures to accentuate its look; that way your bathroom won’t lose that masculine touch.

You can also paint your bathroom cabinets to add more detail in your bathroom. If you want it to stand out, then paint it a different colour. If you don’t want to break the theme, then go the safe route and paint it with the colours your theme has. Be careful with your colour choices. If you’re not satisfied with the outcomes, you’re either looking at an expensive back job or a depressing view every day.

Choice of Materials

To achieve a bachelor bathroom that exudes masculinity the moment you open the door, having the right materials makes a great impact. When a bathroom uses either a combination of stone, wood, and granite, it shows strength and natural beauty. Also, there are great benefits when you use natural stone materials in your flooring and walls.

Marble is technically expensive, but having this type of material in your bathroom calls for a high level of sophistication. When these materials are paired with the right elements and colours, your bathroom will be more inviting and cosy.

Adding Sleek Furniture

A bathroom is incomplete without installing the right furniture in it. We are referring to washstands, storage baskets, drawers, and cabinets. Everybody wants a bathroom space, and even though men have fewer bathroom essentials than women, they too do deserve to have sleek furniture in their bathroom.

Installing wall cabinets is an excellent idea to save space and to maximize the floor area. Many quality USA bathroom cabinets can be installed right away and can be a good fit for a bachelors’ bathroom aesthetic. Mostly, bachelor’s bathrooms are minimalist in style, so install fewer cabinets for storage purposes and not overfill the space.

Right Fixtures Add Spice

When it comes to adding bathroom fixtures, it can become a little tricky. Don’t fret though. To stick with the masculine theme you are building, choose straighter shapes such as rectangles for tubs and sinks. This way, your bathroom will look strong and firm as opposed to choosing rounded corners.

Also, the colours of the fixtures matter as well. It is understandable that bathroom toilets are commonly advertised as white, but don’t worry as they come now in different colours such as matte grey. Always make sure to pick the ones that complement your bathroom theme. Your bathroom sink can stay white but pair it a grey marble or wood boards to create a rustic touch.


Designing a bachelor’s bathroom is a lot different, but it is admittedly as enjoyable if you put your mind on it. There are many styling ideas, but it does not apply to all owners. Remember that styling and decorating your bathroom should be based on your personality. Do not be driven by what others say as you don’t need to feel bound the way other bathrooms look. You have all the liberty to design your bathroom as long as it fits your needs and your taste.


Styling Ideas In Decorating A Bachelor Bathroom


8 Comments on Styling Ideas In Decorating A Bachelor Bathroom

  1. Yes, styling depends on personality. I love anything that is simple. Although I love black but for house puposes it is lways of white.

  2. Wow that is one beautiful bathroom. Thanks for the tips! A lot of people don’t take bathroom decorating seriously, so this is a good advice!

  3. These are great ideas. We have been considering upgrading/renovating our bathroom. Although I’d love to have it in pastel colors, I would still have to consider what my husband likes. I am sure he would not want to have a pink toilet seat. Hahaha. I guess neutral colors would be perfect then.

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