Lucas sat in the silvercross simplicity car seat Lucas is sat in the silvercross simplicity car seat which is attched to his pram outside and I am sat next to him

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a pram and car seat, which can be overwhelming when you are expecting your first baby and are starting to realise that you really don’t know where to start. After a lot of deliberation, we decided on the Silver Cross Simplicity car seat.

It is so easy to use, as first time parents we where bit wary when leaving the hospital with Lucas, that we may struggle to fit it as my friend had previously told me that she spent 30 minutes trying to fit her car seat (another brand) after leaving the hospital for the first time.

It couldn’t be simpler to fit, the instructions are great and the seatbelt easily fits around it. It can also be used with an isofix base but we have found it great with a seatbelt, Lucas looks and feels very safe and secure in it.

The seat looks very comfortable, even when he was newborn, the extra padding around his head gives a lot of reassurance. It is fabulous quality and has a hood to protect from the sun, however I would say that I would have liked the hood to be a bit bigger to provide more shade.

It also has a removable apron which is great for chillier days, it slides on easily and has straps to keep it in place and stop it from being kicked off. The seat can be used with various silvercross prams, we use it with the wayfarer as a travel system. The seat clicks onto the chassis with the adapters provided with the wayfarer. This means we don’t need to disturb Lucas when he has fallen to sleep during a car journey. The seat is lightweight to carry and we have no difficulty in getting it in the back of my three door car x


Silver Cross Simplicity car seat review #silvercross


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