We are wanting to move to France when our house sells and due to cars being so expensive to buy over there we think we will sell ours and then buy another English car to drive over. We currently have a Vauxhall Corsa and fancy something bigger and more sturdier for the long drive over. We’ve also thought that getting a diesel will be better than petrol for the amount of miles they can do, compared to petrol, although electric would be better for the environment. I really like driving the Renault Captur when I have borrowed my Mums and feel like that is sturdier than my corsa whilst still be small enough for me not to panic about parking! I’ve also seen spare parts for the car brand Renault you get there EUSPARES.CO.UK if needed but hopefully we won’t be needing anything whilst still in the uk! Although the obvious upside of getting a car in the uk is the price, the downsides are the steering wheel being on the right, rather than left and it being harder to judge where I am on the road when driving. It also makes toll booths and getting tickets from car park barriers hard when I don’t have a passenger in my car in France. What do you think is best? Getting the car designed for the country you are driving or going with price?x


should you get a left hand or right hand drive in Europe?


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  1. I’ve never driven a Renault. Thanks for the recommendation. Personally, I wouldn’t get diesel and if you have electric you need to have a charging station and access to charging stations near you.

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