I recently received a Cheese Postie to review. As you may have gathered from the name, it is a cheese toasty that you receive through the post. Very clever!

The guys over at Cheese Postie send you everything you need to make a delicious and fresh cheese toasty. You choose whether you would like a sweet or savoury toasty. You can also state whether you would like vegetarian, gluten free or if you have a nut allergy during the ordering process. All the ingredients are sent hygienically sealed in a box that fits through the letterbox. The box includes cheese, a tasty filling, butter, bread, a toasty bag and a toasty card.


Cheese postie box with all the ingredients to make


I was very impressed with how fresh the ingredients were, especially the bread. The toastys come in a variety of fillings including apple pie, veggie lasagne, chocolate cheesecake and pepperoni pizza. I received the jaffa cake, which consisted of marmalade, dark chocolate and mascarpone cheese.


Cheese postie, one side cheese and chocolate, other side jam


The toasty was very easy to construct and pop into the toasty bag. I was surprised at the amount of filling I received, they definitely don’t scrimp on the cheese!  Unfortunately for the toasty, even after having my toaster for 3 years I am rubbish at using it so the toasty did end up a little on the burnt side. However, this didn’t stop D from devouring it. I tried it but the jaffa cake flavour wasn’t for me. D really enjoyed it and in his own words thought it was a magnificent, taste sensation.


Cheese postie cooked


The Cheese Posties are £3.99 on a weekly basis, you can pre pay for 4 weeks for £15.60 and 8 weeks for £30.  You can also send them as a gift.

If you fancy trying one for yourself, enter below x

Cheese Postie


122 Comments on Cheese Posties Review

  1. I’d love to try the Trois Couleurs,I did get very distracted by the strawberry Stack and the White Choc Bomb,thank you for the chance to win x

  2. Trois Couleurs looks tres magnifique! I’m a sucker for Stilton and Raspberries….wow what an ingenious combo 🙂 x

  3. no surely not, this is a joke right? A Cheese toastie that gets posted? I actually don;t believe it but it has given me and idea for a business sending people a (mini) breakfast cereal box and mini carton of milk and I’ll call it postflakes ha ha!Xx

  4. This sounds so intriguing lol! Who’d have thought such a thing existed and love the variety of flavours I would pick the ploughmans not sure I am brave enough for all of them hehe x

  5. The Cheesy Garlic Bread sounds delightful. My son goes fishing and has a toaster and a lot of the toasties would be great for him.

  6. I love the look of posties as they are a way of art
    with so many flavours
    but the best for me
    would be cheesy garlic bread.

  7. The Canadian – it would either be the best thing ever or totally disgusting im not sure which but would love to try.

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