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Being Autumn ready with TJ Hughes

| Giveaways, Home & Garden

Carrot and coriander soup with cheese and tomato ciabatta

    With the Autumn well and truly arriving in the UK, complete with blustery winds and enough rain to cause floods to what where our local villages, now is the time to be making the most of movie days, closing the curtains and getting tucked up under cosy blankets. TJ Hughes sent me some […] Read more…


Cleaning artificial grass in winter

| Home & Garden

Cleaning artificial grass in winter

  Lending the perfect visual appeal to your yard all year round and needing very little maintenance, artificial grass has become a top choice for home owners around the world. With the winter months approaching, you might need to get ready to get the grass all cleaned up. So here’s all the help you need […] Read more…


Easy ways to upgrade your child’s room

| Home & Garden

  At any age, your child will likely spend a lot of time in their bedroom, so giving them a room they love is important. They should feel comfortable, but the room should also be stylish and fun, catering to your child’s preferences. But as your child grows, his/her likes and dislikes are going to […] Read more…


Clear the negative energy from your home

| Home & Garden

Your home is your own space, and quite naturally, you’ll want to fill it with happy times, good memories, success, prosperity and joy. However, sometimes, it may feel like there’s nothing but negativity and sadness around. If that’s what you can relate to, here’s a bit of help. The Power of Sound Time to get […] Read more…


Creating an exotic garden

| Home & Garden

Red canna lillies

If you are trying to create a unique garden or backyard atmosphere, you may be hoping to make it look exotic, or look a lot less like every other garden in the neighbourhood. Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes exotic, but no one can argue that a tropical looking garden in a non-tropical […] Read more…


The benefits of children gardening

| Home & Garden

Children can benefit from gardening in significant ways. The garden is a place for children to have fun, learn and grow into healthy individuals. Gardening is fun Children love to be outside, they love dirt, water and insects so the garden is a perfect playground for them to romp, explore and be creative. Digging in […] Read more…


Brightening your home with VELUX roof windows

| Home & Garden

Brightening your home with VELUX roof windows. my kitchen with two velux roof windows, in front of you is a range cooker with tiles wall and at either side is wooden cupboards with granite worktop

  It’s a well-known fact that daylight boosts our mood. When we have bright sunny days, everyone tends to feel better, be more upbeat and feel healthier within themselves. We all know that when we are exposed to daylight, we are getting a boost of vitamin D, whether we are inside or outside, this is […] Read more…


Prestige Flowers, Mother’s Day review

| Home & Garden, Reviews

Prestige Flowers Mother’s Day review the Orion bouquet

  Having loved my Valentine’s bouquet , I was delighted when Prestige Flowers sent* me one of their Mother’s Day bouquets . Prestige Flowers have the most beautiful flowers that always last so long. Without a doubt, I would turn to them first if I was sending flowers to someone as a gift and highly […] Read more…


Planning out your bathroom space and use what you

| Home & Garden

  When refurbishing your bathroom, a key measurement to know is the exact floor space you have available, so you can easily plot its layout and determine which products best fit your needs. The good news is that even if your bathroom is small, there is a considerable range of space-saving solutions to create the […] Read more…