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Preparing your home for a newborn

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Preparing your home for a newborn

When you are expecting for the first time, you have many things on your mind, from mum’s health to the safety of your newborn. Excitement builds as you count the weeks until your due date and monitor the baby’s development with ultrasound scans. Everyone has a slightly different method of parenting, but the most important […] Read more…


The Lazy Gardeners Wish List

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The lazy gardeners wishlist

This year I am on a mission to redecorate, so far I have only done my bedroom but with Spring around the corner I have started to think about our garden. At the moment it is flagged and gravelled with borders of out of control bushes and trees. I would love to make it more […] Read more…


Colourful accessories for the bedroom

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Colourful accessories

This year I am on a mission to redecorate the whole house, well at least I was until my hours were cut at work. Now I think it will have to wait. Before that happened though I decorated our bedroom, in fact as I type this my Uncle is upstairs, very kindly putting my furniture together. […] Read more…


An Autumn Garden Makeover In 7 Steps

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Just because summer is over, that doesn’t mean that you have to hibernate your garden until spring. There’s still so much you can enjoy from it over the colder months, and using this time wisely will ensure you have the garden in tip top condition by the time summer rolls around again.  Whether you have […] Read more…


Premier Bathrooms

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I have previously written about looking for a new bathroom for my Grandma, to enable her to continue living independently for as long as possible. One company we came across was Premier Bathrooms*. Premier Bathrooms are the UK market leader in walk-in baths and easy-access showers. They fully guarantee both their products and workmanship with a comprehensive warranty that […] Read more…


Laundrapp Review

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When Laundrapp* offered to give me credit to check their service out I jumped at the chance, who wouldn’t want their laundry pile decreased? I was actually very surprised that our area was included in the service as we are usually missed out, being a village with over 3 miles from the nearest town.  The Laundrapp service […] Read more…


Bloom & Wild Eloise

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How beautiful is this Eloise* bouquet sent to me from the fabulous people at Bloom & Wild?! Recieving flowers is always a lovely treat and I have wondered how Bloom & Wild’s would be as they come in a box designed to be posted through the letter box.  I was very impressed with the packaging. […] Read more…