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Easy ways to go plastic free

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go plastic free bamboo toothbrushes

Gladson are running a campaign hoping to increase the “community spirit in 2018” and is encouraging everyone to use sustainable ways of reversing the harm that has already been inflicted on the planet such as eliminating pollution and protecting the marine life.  Small changes to everyday life such as making the most out of recycle bins […] Read more…


Preparing your house for selling

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We are hoping to put our house up for sale soon so we have been looking at what we need to get done before getting valuations and marketing the house. The garden D is currently sprucing up the garden and is laying some artificial grass. We also have a flagged area and borders that will […] Read more…


Planning a bathroom renovation

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Planning a bathroom renovation

Have you recently moved or perhaps you have lived in your house a long time and you decided it’s time for a bathroom renovation? Remodeling a bathroom is a great idea. Not only does it go a long way toward making your house more enjoyable, but it could possibly add value to your home. There is a lot […] Read more…


Decluttering ready for a move

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Decluttering ready for a move, getting your house organised and rid of items you no longer use and don’t want to take

Now March is upon us it really feels like Spring is finally on the way. One thing on a lot of people’s minds this time of year is a fresh start, spring cleaning and decluttering the home. All of this is particularly important if you’re going to be moving soon. t’s simply not feasible to […] Read more…


How safe is your space? #MySenseOfSafe

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  Since becoming a parent I like to think I’ve upped my safety game. I always close the baby gate behind me and I put any cleaning products in cupboards high up, out of reach for any tiny hands. Slater Gordon Solicitors Birmingham challenged me to take a look at #MySenseOfSafe, how I handle safety in […] Read more…