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Donating hair: the dos and don’ts

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Donating hair: the dos and don’ts

If you have very long hair, you may have considered going for a shorter cut and donating your locks to an organisation that supplies natural hair wigs to people who are experiencing temporary or permanent hair loss due to illness or medical treatment. While this is, of course, a wonderful thing to do, there are […] Read more…


How to encourage children to be more active

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importance of outdoor play #tearsintosmiles

Before the age of tablets and smartphones, children used to live fairly active lifestyles. They’d go out and play with their friends and spend hours exploring outdoors. These days however, you’re more likely to see children with their heads glued to the TV or mobile phone screen. It’s no coincidence therefore, that there’s been a […] Read more…


Eyejusters review

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Eyejusters review purple glasses against a black case with white packaging on a wooden backfround

  It’s September and for me that means planning my Christmas gift posts so I have been searching for unique gifts suitable for a wide range of people. This year I am planning 4 different posts – men’s, women’s, children’s and food/drink.      Eyejusters approached me to include them in one of my gift […] Read more…


Help: Beautify Skin review

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Help: Beautify Skin review

This is a guest post from Jenny over at Accidental Hipster Mum.       I love to try anything that promises to beautify me, so when I was given* some Help: Beautify Skin, £22.94, to try I was really pleased!     Help: Beautify skin is a type of supplement that contains collagen, aloe extract, […] Read more…


Hair care tips for curly hair

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Hair care tips for curly hair

I have always had frizzy, naturally curly hair. Over the years, I have learnt to live with it, rather than straighten it (mainly through laziness as I’m not one to spend a lot of time on my hair or makeup) and I have worked out what works for my hair. When I got pregnant, I […] Read more…


Good Bubble review

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Good bubble giveaway

When the people over at Good Bubble heard I was going to try getting Lucas into a bath, book, bed routine they offered to send us some lovely products to get us off to a good start. Not only that but they would like to give my readers the chance to win a bubble bath, shampoo and […] Read more…


How to manage your anxiety when it takes over

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manage your anxiety

If you’ve ever had a panic attack, you know how distressing they can be. Your heart races, you feel like you’re being smothered, and you feel dizzy and faint. You may experience chest pain, chills, numbness or tingling sensations, and nausea, and you may feel like you’re dying or detached from your body. People who […] Read more…