Keeping children safe and warm this Winter

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Keeping children safe and warm this Winter

The temperature has dropped and soon the nights and morning will be darker but that isn’t going to stop Lucas wanting to go out. I don’t want it to either, it was actually quite nice having our early morning walks last year. Lucas loves his footwear and has a huge selection of sandals, trainers and […] Read more…


How to help a child deal with grief

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How to help a child deal with grief and death

As parents, our natural instinct is to protect our children, from everything that’s wrong or anything that might cause them harm. Death and loss of life is extremely difficult to deal with for us adults as well, and naturally, children too, are aware of it, even though they might not react or understand it completely. […] Read more…


5 activities to teach children self control

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Growing children need to be taught a lot of values which can include sharing, being respectful, having compassion and self control. We see a lot of adults struggle with self control, and if you can get your children to develop this at an early stage itself, it can be helpful throughout all their life. Fingers […] Read more…


The best toys to get children outside

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The best toys to get children outside sand with a child kneeling and two buckets

Playing outdoors is important to the physical, mental and psychological development of children. Paediatricians recommend up to an hour’s worth of outdoor playtime daily for children, but even half an hour could do wonders. Playing outdoors helps children learn and adapt to their surroundings, and in the process, improve their motor skills, coordination, spatial awareness, […] Read more…


How and when should you start potty training?

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We recently went to Hamburg and whilst we were away my Mum started potty training Lucas, we went away with him in nappies, showing no interest in the potty or toilet and came back to him in no nappies and ‘big boys’ underpants. We only went away for 2 days! Since then he has been […] Read more…


My First Scalextric review

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My First Scalextric review

  Lucas was recently sent* Hornby Hobbies My First Scalextric set, £39.99. When I told D we had been offered one, he was very excited about it as he remembers the fun he had on his Scalextric when he was younger and couldn’t wait to introduce it to Lucas. My First Scalextric is a fab […] Read more…